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Negotiation Know-How

Who should attend?

Any manager, leader, supervisor, team member or person involved in achieving positive outcomes –whether it be in procurement, sales, salary negotiations, promotions or relationships.

What’s the need?

Negotiations are taking place every minute of every day but not everyone is happy with the outcome and few have a solid plan for how they can achieve their negotiation goal. From price to product, location to leisure, people to places and more – you know what you want but often don’t reach your ideal negotiation outcome. This program will help you achieve your personal and professional negotiation goals with a combination of theory and practice. Don’t waste one more negotiation without first obtaining this knowledge. It will give you the edge you need to be successful and respected as a powerful and professional negotiator in your field.

What does this course cover?

Discover your own negotiation style and areas you can develop to improve your negotiation outcomes. Practice powerful negotiation phrases and know when and how to use them. Learn about negotiation movement and how to achieve positive outcomes by understanding the currency of the other party. Learn how to strengthen your negotiation position, how to trade and when to say no.

Choose your preferred format

Choose from a one or two day workshop format or a coaching format designed to have the least impact on the business’ operation. Discuss these and other options with your trainer.