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Sales Courses:

Click on the course titles below now and take the first step towards some serious sales outcomes for your business.

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Most of us like to buy things – we don’t enjoy being ‘pushed’, or sold “at”. Instead of making us want to buy, it makes us want to “move away” from the salesperson. In fact, the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the word push as “to exert force on (thing etc.) to move it away from oneself.”

One way to sell more is to do less selling. This is easy when you figure out what cost your customer is experiencing by not having your product or service. Costs can be emotional, monetary, physical, egotistical, and there are many others.

Do your clients know what the costs associated with NOT doing business with you are? And more importantly - do you? And can you articulate them in a way that makes customers want to buy from you today?

My name is Michelle Newton and I’m a business trainer. I specialise in sales and advertising and work for various business around Australia and in New Zealand. I don’t train in sales techniques. I train in buying techniques.

I show salespeople what they need to do to have more customers buy more of their products and services, faster and then I train the salespeople in how to do it.

 I like to work with businesses whose sales people can already sell and yet despite this, aren’t achieving their full sales potential, or their sales targets. The art of sales is obviously fundamental to your business. It is also the skillset that requires the most training and support.

Don’t waste another day wondering what you have to do to increase sales.

Every salesperson will benefit from structured training, and that is why this range of sales courses has been carefully developed to help salespeople do something different to maximise their own sales talents.

Click on the course titles above now and take the first step towards some serious sales outcomes for your business.

The Training Transfer, Growing People, Growing Profits